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Streetism is a clear, present and future threat. It is setting in motion a life threatening effect with catastrophic social and economic consequences. Such as riots, armed robbery, murder, theft, child abuse, drug abuse, hunger, poverty, conflicts and refugee crisis which we need to fight with fierce urgency through education and opportunities.


Streetism crisis is standing in the way of national development. As leaders of the future, it is important that critical proactive steps are taken today to eradicate streetism. As young people we have the responsibility and power to help find solutions to challenges of the future through creative thinking and actions.


There is therefore the urgent need to purchase the future with the present. National Streetism Outreach program has a vision of making Ghana better again in tandem with global efforts.


In the cause of eradicating streetism in Ghana and Africa, the National Streetism Outreach program is to extend our intervention capabilities and put in measures to reduce street children drastically. It is our responsibility to transform the lives of 10,000 street children by 2030 including reuniting them with their families.

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National Streetism Outreach (NSO) is a youth-driven grassroots effort to contribute to national development. It’s our response to the streetism crisis that is threatening human existence and development.

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