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As many street children as there are in Ghana, there are as many reasons for them being there. Every single child has their own unique story. The reasons for their connection to the streets will vary from region to region, town to town, and from person to person.


These factors will also vary over time, such as poverty, displacement due to conflicts or family breakdown. All leads to increases in the number of street children in a community.


Economic poverty or lack of opportunities plays a major role, although other factors are of equally high importance. These can include: parental deaths, parental neglect and other social factors such as violence and abuse of children at home or within communities.


Discrimination, lack of access to justice, a lack of legal status, lack of education all contribute to a situation where a child is living or working on the street.


We have found that children may migrate to the streets for other reasons as well, including:


~ Sexual, physical or emotional abuse

~ Urbanisation


~ Being forced into criminal activity

~ Being rejected from their family for so called “moral” reasons

~ Mental health issues

~ Substance abuse

~ Sexual orientation or gender identity



While there is no doubt that there are common themes and reasons that push children onto the street, dealing with each child as an individual, with their own backstory and identity, is key to understanding their situation


The National Streetism Outreach program is geared towards reuniting street kids with their families, protecting child rights, reducing criminal acts like robbery, drug abuse, kidnappings, theft, murder, secure the lives of street children, reduce the risk of death and dangers on the street, create jobs and opportunities, grow the economy by developing every street child into entrepreneurs, prevent potential gangs in the country, create opportunities, bridge the barrier between interveners and unfortunate children, create a vessel that protects and contribute to child development.

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National Streetism Outreach (NSO) is a youth-driven grassroots effort to contribute to national development. It’s our response to the streetism crisis that is threatening human existence and development.

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